Upcoming DOLCE: Digital Badges, EDUCAUSE, and SmartSite Neoportal

We hope you’ll join us for the upcoming meeting of Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education (DOLCE). Per usual, we’ll meet at 12pm in 1310 Surge III this Friday, November 1, and we will begin with introductions so you can meet other faculty who are teaching enthusiasts.

We’re pleased to report that Joanna Normoyle (of the UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute) won an award in the fourth Digital Media and Learning “Badges for Lifelong Learning” competition. She will join us and share her expertise on digital badges, and explain how, as the Alliance for Excellent Education puts it, “Digital Badges Help Young People, Adults Demonstrate Skills.”

David Levin, Director of Academic Technology Services, will share a few discoveries that he made at this month’s Educause Conference.

Finally, project manager and programmer Constance Fuller (Information & Educational Technology) will show us the look of the new SmartSite Neoportal. Not to be released for a couple months yet, the new skin of SmartSite will make it easier for you to access tools and data more quickly.

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