Professor Robert Blake at April 6th DOLCE

Audio and Video from the April 6, 2018 DOLCE with Blake, Doty, and Jennings

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

The first DOLCE of the spring quarter featured insightful talks on online learning and Gradescope, a tool to facilitate grading paper-based exams.

Professor Robert Blake discussed online learning and ways that task-based learning can be integrated to support students. Professor Blake graciously provided the link to his slides which include detail about task-based learning as well as the theoretical context for online education.

Computer Science Professor Dave Doty and Julia Jennings, a teaching assistant in Chemistry, discussed how to use GradeScope to quickly grade paper-based exams in a way that provides effective feedback to students and allows the instructor to analyze student responses.

We invite you to check out the audio and video from the April 6 DOLCE!

Best, Andy Jones

Julia Jennings at April 6th DOLCE
Julia Jennings at April 6th DOLCE

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