Faculty Forum on Using Video to Support Student Learning Friday, January 17th

Dear Faculty Colleagues, 

As described in a Wheel article titled “The Value of Short Instructional Videos,” “integrating instructional video into online or face-to-face courses can be a powerful tool to 

  • offer additional explanations about course concepts that students typically struggle with;
  • replace parts of face-to-face lectures to allow more in-class time for students to apply concepts; 
  • establish connections between course content and the real world.” 

Given the potential of instructional video to support student learning, Academic Technology Services will be hosting a faculty forum this coming Friday, January 17th at noon in 1310 The Grove on “Using Video to Support Student Learning.”

Bwalya Lungu, Food Science and Technology, will join us and share her expertise on using video to support student learning. Dr. Lungu presented on teaching with instructional video at SITT 2019 along with Dr. Kristin Kiesel and Mark Wilson. 

Victoria Cross, Psychology, will also join the conversation. Dr. Cross has first-hand experience using lecture capture to support student learning and is an all-around valuable source of information and insight when it comes to teaching with technology.  

In addition, Erik Fausak will join us from the UC Davis Library to share his expertise on creating and curating audio and video objects. 

We hope that you will also join us as a welcome guest and incidental speaker. Our Faculty Forum conversations are unstructured, supportive, and always worthwhile. ATS staff will also be on hand to answer your questions during and after the forum. Thank you in advance for joining us this Friday, January 17th at noon in 1310 The Grove.


Dr. Andy Jones 

Academic Associate Director, Academic Technology Services

Faculty Forum: Using Video to Support Student Learning 

Friday, January 17th at noon

1310 The Grove (just west of The Silo)


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