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Adobe® Connect™ is a webinar resource to facilitate online meetings. While this technology is widely used in the business world, it also offers unique opportunities to faculty, such as bringing in outside speakers, allowing students to virtually participate in class if they are physically unable to attend, or holding virtual office hours.

UC Davis supports educational use of Adobe Connect by reducing the cost for instructional purposes. Instead of the $55 per month through Adobe Connect’s website, UC Davis-affiliated hosts pay $32, and UC Davis faculty members pay $3.20 per month per host for use of Adobe Connect in support of a specific undergraduate course.

To receive the instructional rate, simply include a brief explanation of how you will use Adobe Connect as an instructional aid and your undergraduate course’s CRN in your application for an account.

The cost is month-to-month (you can cancel your account at any time) and the rate allows unlimited use of Adobe Connect for that month. Further, students do not incur any costs – the instructor simply sends them a URL and they log into the meeting as guests. You can have up to 100 users in a room; for larger meetings, please reserve a pay-per-use seminar room ($250) through ATS, which allows for up to 300 users.

Please note that the host account is only for one person – you cannot share passwords or host IDs. Each person in your department who uses Adobe Connect to host a meeting needs to pay for a host account.

Purchasing the appropriate number of host accounts is dependent on the honor system. UC Davis purchases an annual contract with Adobe Connect based on an estimate of monthly host accounts, supplementing the reduced instructional fees. If the number of host accounts does not match the fees paid, then UC Davis loses money on the contract. Adhering to the honor system ensures that this resource is available in the future.

Adobe Connect is a great way to increase your connection to your students, and UC Davis is working hard to make sure this opportunity is affordable. Apply for your account today!

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