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“Digital environments have fundamentally changed the way people read and communicate,” says Amy Goodloe, instructor and technology coordinator at University of Colorado at Boulder, on the homepage of Digital Writing 101. Intended as a resource for her students, the site offers a plethora of information for anyone navigating the world of digital communication.

She has “how-to” information for WordPress and Google Docs, as well as Technology in Plain English videos that introduce novices to things such as Twitter and RSS feeds.  She also has blog entries that range from tips for computer maintenance to web writing principles.

Because the site is designed for her students, there are tons of examples of how you can incorporate technology into your classroom activities. Whether you use Digital Writing 101 for you own edification or as a resource for your students, it’s a worthwhile site to bookmark.

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9 thoughts on “Blog Review: Digital Writing 101

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    (August 23, 2012 - 3:23 pm)

    Didn’t expect to find out how to change the fact that my pdf’s always open with adobe rather than preview, thanks heaps for that website, will see if I can find anymore ‘nuggets’!



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    Larry Czaplyski

    (January 12, 2013 - 2:28 pm)

    Digital environments place a premium on clear writing.

    If the writing is even the slightest bit unclear, the reader is gone in the click of an eye.

    So beware of your digital communications!

    Juha Sompinmäki

    (January 28, 2013 - 9:28 am)

    That would be actually an interesting research topic, how digital has changed the way people read and write.

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