Learning to Program with CodeYear

I’ve never been much for resolutions, but this year I’m going to give Code Year a try. Two guys, Ryan and Zach, have designed interactive lessons and exercises to teach the layman how to program. For the last three Mondays, I’ve received a new course via email that has proven to be a manageable addition to my graduate student workload.

Starting with the basics of Javascript, every course includes a lesson and an application. So far, I’ve created a counting game that says “Fizz” when you enter a multiple of three and says “Buzz” when you enter a multiple of five, and I’ve written a code that calculates taxi fare.

The lessons are definitely interactive – I actually type the commands into a console and I have to get it right before I can move on – and there’s a very helpful Q&A.

As a student of digital literacy, I am increasingly convinced of the importance of understanding how computers work because digital tools are influencing the way we read and write. I’m not sure if Code Year will make me a programming expert, but I am confident that it will give me a good grasp on what happens “behind the scenes” of my computer – in fact, it already has!

Post Author: Simon Dvorak

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