March DOLCE: Preparing Students for the Workplace, Large-Lecture Engagement, & PHCA Update

We are looking forward to this Friday’s March 7 DOLCE (Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education) meeting! As per usual, we’ll meet at 12pm in 1310 Surge III.

Rebekka Andersen, professor of professional and technical communication in the University Writing Program, will draw on her work leading students to new discoveries in collaborative processes and problem-solving, with a focus on ways that collaborative research projects that prepare students for an increasingly competitive global economy. Andersen will describe how she uses collaborative research to teach “crucial applied skills” (written/oral communication, teamwork, critical thinking), which workforce readiness surveys indicate our students lack. Along the way, she’ll help us understand how best to approach collaborative education projects in our own classes.

Bryan Enderle from our Department of Chemistry will then share his experiences with engaging large classes. Enderle has found particular success in recording his office hours and review sessions and posting them to YouTube–his channel currently has 5,507 subscribers!

Finally, Dan Comins and Cara Harwood will offer an update on the Provost Hybrid Course Award (PHCA) program, which is currently offering a workshop on designing hybrid courses to award recipients.

See you Friday!

(Per usual, if you aren’t able to make the event, we’ll post a recording here on The Wheel.)

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