October 3 DOLCE — LMS Transitions and other topics to be discussed in 307 Surge IV at noon

Welcome to a new school year and to new discoveries in teaching and learning!


As the Academic Associate Director of Academic Technology Services, I get to host a number of teaching and learning-centric events for UC Davis faculty and support staff. Every first Friday of the month, for example, we meet for DOLCE, which stands for Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education. At DOLCE meetings, anywhere from 12 to 30 teaching and learning enthusiasts gather to enjoy presentations from UC Davis faculty and staff on new innovations and ongoing initiatives. We hope you will join us.


Tomorrow’s speakers will include the following:


Paul Salitsky, a faculty member in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, will discuss his experience as a fall pilot for Canvas by Instructure, one of the three learning management systems that faculty are testing this fall as we all consider the future of SmartSite. For more information on the coming LMS transition, please visit http://lmstransition.ucdavis.edu.

Dan Comins, an instructional designer with Academic Technology Services, will preview the schedule of FLIP events for the coming year. At meetings of FLIP, which stands for Future of Learning in Practice, participants will explore the (mostly) online tools that we can use to help students engage in independent and collaborative learning activities.

Dan will also tell us about the daylong Online and Hybrid Learning Showcase, to be held starting at 9 AM on October 17 at the Student Community Center. Visit http://cetl.ucdavis.edu/courses-and-events/hybrid-showcase.html to find out more about this event, to be hosted for The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning by Dr. Cara Harwood Theisen.

A faculty representative of the EdTech Subcommittee of the Campus Council for Information Technology will preview topics to be discussed at EdTech during the coming year, including the learning management system transition, video initiatives, and classroom upgrades.

Finally, Information Security Consultant Dewight Kramer will update us on Cyber Awareness Training initiatives that he has been spearheading. Find out more about such initiatives at http://security.ucdavis.edu.


Because of interior construction in Surge III, this fall we will meet in 307 Surge IV (see map with helpful arrows). DOLCE will be video-recorded and posted online for future review, but you should still plan to join us at noon tomorrow. As we are meeting across the parking lot from the Silo, you are invited to bring a lunch.


Dr. Andy Jones
Academic Associate Director, Academic Technology Services



DOLCE – Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education

The LMS Transition and Other Topics

Friday, October 3rd

12-1 pm

307 Surge IV (new location)

Directions to 307 Surge IV
Directions to 307 Surge IV

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