Glenda Drew

Glenda Drew and Others at the March 2nd, 2018 DOLCE!

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

DOLCE on March 2nd covered a wide range of topics from teaching code from a design perspective to a new Beta feature “Mastery Paths” that faculty can use in Canvas. DOLCE stands for “Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education.”

Glenda Drew’s talk “Baby, It’s Code Outside” highlighted the innovative ways that the professor of Design teaches code in her classroom. Glenda Drew makes code come alive to her students by focusing on the design aspect of code, including by creating “applications” first with paper and pencils. As Drew is an accomplished speaker on important subjects, I recommend watching her talk.

Spanish professor Bob Blake will be presenting at the April 6th DOLCE, but was able to preview his presentation. He also discussed his current work on the third edition of Brave New Digital Classroom, on which he is currently working. He plans to create a text that is approachable, applicable to teaching, and grounded in research.

Finally, Margaret Merrill shared a Beta feature in Canvas that promises a new way of thinking about and extending Canvas: MasteryPaths. This feature allows faculty the opportunity to set up conditional assignments for students based on their scores on previous assignments.

If you were unable to attend, feel free to check out the audio and video recordings of the March 2nd DOLCE.  


Andy Jones

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