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Bonus DOLCE on May 11th: The Digital Learning Environment at UC Davis

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

You are invited to a bonus DOLCE this Friday, May 11th. This bonus DOLCE will preview Dr. Andy Jones (that’s me!) and Alex Rockey’s accepted presentation “Envisioning a Digital Learning Environment at University of California, Davis: A space for pedagogical discovery and play.” In just two short weeks, we will present this same talk at the Computers and Writing conference in Fairfax, VA.

Alex and I will discuss the Digital Learning Environment at UC Davis and how Academic Technology Services and its associated instructional designers support faculty as they teach in a web-mediated environment. We will explore the extent to which the use of text to communicate both synchronously and asynchronously within UC Davis Canvas effectively makes us all writing teachers. As writing instructors ourselves, we will highlight principles of online writing instruction that can be adapted to support all faculty at UC Davis as they teach in an increasingly text-focused environment.

We hope you will be able to attend this week’s bonus DOLCE on Friday, May 11th at noon in The Grove (1310 Surge III).

Dr. Andy Jones


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