December 7th DOLCE

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

The last DOLCE of Fall quarter will take place this Friday, December 7th at 12:00 in the Surge II TV studio (just east of our regular location in Surge III / The Grove). As usual, the December DOLCE will feature a wide range of topics and campus experts.

Ted Geier, from the Department of English, and with experience also teaching for American Studies and Comparative Literature, will join us for his talk “Accessible, Not Automatic: Upholding Critical Standards in Learner-centered Online Literacy Studies.” Given our role in educating and preparing 21st century learners, often for jobs that don’t yet exist, online literacy and the associated need for accessibility should inform our instruction regardless of the disciplines in which we teach.

Given recent campus closures, Steve Faith and Joey Van Buskirk, instructional technologists for Academic Technology Services, will share some resources in a talk titled “Fortune Favors the Prepared.” One of these resources, “Creating Online Video Content,” provides a helpful how-to guide for creating videos. We at ATS were impressed to hear about the innovative and creative ways that faculty colleagues across campus navigated the recent cancellation of classes. Our discussion about some of these strategies will help to prepare us all to respond to the next circumstances that are outside our control.

Finally, as all faculty must move to DUO by February 13th, 2019, we will finish the December DOLCE with a Q+A on this process, and our plans to support it. Faculty will find that a 30-minute in-person session will be offered to help faculty sign up for DUO at the end of every DOLCE and Faculty Forum in January and February.  

Please join us for DOLCE this Friday, December 7th at 12:00, this time in the ATS TV studio in Surge II.


Andy Jones

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