Emerging Educational Technologies: Trends and Challenges from the 2019 Horizon Report

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

EDUCAUSE, a leading organization focusing on educational technology, has continued the work of the New Media Consortium in reflecting on emerging educational technologies in a yearly Horizon Report.

The 2019 Horizon Report details trends and challenges impacting the adoption of educational technology in higher education as well as important developments in educational technology. Expert panelists, including Dr. Meggan Levitt, Assistant Vice Provost & Associate CIO for Academic Applications, convened to identify trends, challenges, and developments based on their wide-range of expertise in higher education.

Key trends identified in the report include a move towards student-centered pedagogy, “The Myth of the Nontraditional Student,” and the need to develop a culture of acceptance of failure for both faculty and students.

As educators, we also face significant challenges, including the increasing need to support student development of digital fluencies, and the lack of digital equity.

The report predicts that in the coming years, several educational technologies will play an increasing role in higher education, including:

  • Mobile learning
  • Mixed reality
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Virtual assistants

We at ATS work to support UC Davis faculty’s innovative and creative use of educational technologies. As we (mostly) take a step back from teaching during the summer, reflecting on the future of higher education can inspire all of us to make the 2019-2020 school year a productive one.

The Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology (SITT) provides faculty an opportunity to reflect on their teaching practices before the school year, as well as an opportunity to discuss topics covered in the Horizon Report. If you haven’t already registered, please do so, as space is limited. I look forward to continuing the discussion about those educational technologies that best support student learning.


Dr. Andy Jones

Post Author: Alexandria Rockey

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