Joe Anistranski Presenting at DOLCE 10/4

Audio and Video from October 4th DOLCE

Dear Faculty Colleagues, 

Video and audio from the October 4th DOLCE are now available! The first DOLCE of the quarter prompted thoughtful discussions about how faculty use technology in their classrooms to support teacher presence as well as to make grading easier. 

Joe Anistranski, from Human Development and Family Studies, presented his talk titled “Technologically-Supported Tautology: Facilitating Teacher Presence When the Teacher Isn’t Present.” He began his talk with the guiding question: “What do you do when you want to be somewhere for people and you literally can’t be there?” His talk explored ways in which faculty can give students a sense of instructor presence by strategically using instructional technologies. Reflecting his focus on helpful tautologies, Anistranski concluded his talk with the following key takeaways:

  • “Be everywhere when you can’t be anywhere.”
  • Do everything twice, and do it differently (but repetitively) once more.”
  • Know your LMS, and know it well.”
  • Listen to students, and seek additional tools to support their needs.”
  • “Rely on 21st-century technology, but use “old” strategies.”

For the full presentation, check out the slides.

Dr. Margaret Merrill then previewed a new outreach program ATS is launching in Fall 2019: the ATS Roadshow. For this new outreach program, ATS instructional designers will come to any gathering of faculty and staff to introduce ATS services as well as solicit input from faculty and staff about what services they need. Feel free to invite instructional designers to bring the ATS Roadshow to your next faculty event by contacting Margaret Merrill at, Mark Wilson at, or the instructional design team at

DOLCE concluded with a presentation on Gradescope by Steve Faith, instructional technologist for ATS. UC Davis has recently purchased a campus-wide license for Gradescope, the feedback and assessment tool that promises to reduce time associated with the process of grading exams, homework, and other assignments. Gradescope also works well for a large class where multiple TAs or graders may need to grade at the same time. For help with Gradescope, Steve shared the following resources: 

Gradescope and ATS are soon offering additional training opportunities for Gradescope in 1310 Surge III / The Grove. These include: 

  • A Gradescope-run Zoom-based workshop on Friday, October 11, 12pm – 1pm; 
  • On October 18th, we will devote an entire faculty forum to the experiences of faculty (there are more than 40 at UC Davis) who have already been using Gradescope in recent years.

Please join us October 18th for a Faculty Forum on Gradescope to hear how our faculty colleagues have already made use of this new tool. We meet every first and third Friday of the month during the school year in 1310 Surge III / The Grove; please add us to your work calendar so you can be reminded to attend future DOLCEs and Faculty Forums. 


Andy Jones 

Academic Associate Director, Academic Technology Services

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