Jeanette Ruiz

Jeanette Ruiz

Spring AudioBlog Entry: Jeanette Ruiz on Remote Teaching

Dear Faculty Colleagues, 

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the talented Jeanette Ruiz, Department of Communication, for this quarter’s AudioBlog entry. Our conversation is now available for viewing. 

Some highlights from our conversation include: 
  • Benefits for both students and instructors who have previous experience in online courses in navigating this quarter of remote teaching  
  • Realities and time investment needed to restructure courses for an online format 
  • Differences between remote teaching and online teaching
  • The use of simple design to increase accessibility
  • The importance of consistency in communication and delivery
  • The integration of peer-generated feedback
  • The value of using consistent video announcements to orient students to the course each week 
On another note, the deadline for the request for proposals for the Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology (SITT 2020) is fast approaching. Please submit your proposal by Monday, June 1st for consideration.

Best, Andy Jones

Academic Technology Associate Director

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