Fall bike

Fall bike

Upcoming Gradescope Workshops and Events

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

We are taking a number of approaches this fall to introducing faculty to Gradescope, a feedback and assessment tool that promises to reduce time associated with the process of grading exams, homework, and other assignments. We hope that you will invite colleagues in your department to join us for these discussions.

As the company website says, Gradescope “enables instructors and graders to give better and more timely feedback, resulting in improved learning outcomes. Dynamic rubrics help streamline the tedious parts of grading while increasing grading consistency. AI-assisted Grading allows instructors to automatically group similar answers and grade all the answers in each group at once. Gradescope also helps with grading programming assignments at scale and can automatically grade printed bubble sheets.”

Any of us can learn more about Gradescope, and log in with our UC Davis credentials, by visiting the Gradescope website. The Gradescope team will answer our support questions at help@gradescope.com.

We have three Gradescope events coming up:

  • On Friday, October 4th, instructional technologist Steve Faith will provide a brief introduction to Gradescope at the end of our October 4th DOLCE meeting;
  • A Gradescope-run Zoom-based workshop on Friday, October 11, 12pm - 1pm;
  • On October 18th, we will devote an entire faculty forum to the experiences of faculty (there are more than 40 at UC Davis) who have already been using Gradescope in recent years.

DOLCE and Faculty Forums take place on first and third Fridays in 1310 Surge III / The Grove.

At any of these events, you will discover how we as faculty grade existing exams, homework, and other assignments on Gradescope; grade groups of answers at once, make rubric changes as we grade (with changes applied to previously graded work to maintain consistency); write each comment only once by applying previously-used comments with a click; create better rubrics to increase student learning, use assignment analytics to gain insight into student learning; and distinguish Gradescope from Speed Grader in UC Davis Canvas.

If you would like to participate in a Gradescope-sponsored Zoom-based workshop (October 11th at noon), reserve your spot today. Instructors are welcome to invite their TAs and grading staff. We will also reserve the west side of 1310 Surge III / The Grove for faculty who would like to gather with others to learn from Gradescope staff with other staff and faculty there to ask and answer questions.

ATS will also offer one-on-one Gradescope reviews with ATS staff members, should you prefer that form for an introduction to this new tool.

If you are a committed Gradescope user, you probably are hoping that colleagues in your department will also start saving time and improving feedback to students by using this tool. Please encourage such colleagues to join us at one or more of these four events so that we can make the best use of this newly-adopted tool.


Dr. Andy Jones

Academic Associate Director, Academic Technology Services

Upcoming Gradescope Workshops and Events:

Friday, October 4th at noon in 1310 Surge III / The Grove – DOLCE

Friday, October 11th at noon in 1310 Surge III / The Grove – Gradescope Workshop

Friday, October 18th at noon in 1310 Surge III / The Grove – Faculty Forum on Gradescope


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