Animation Assists Canine Jaw Reconstruction Project

Earlier this year, a team of biomedical engineers and veterinary surgeons at UC Davis performed a canine jaw reconstruction for Whiskey, a 60-pound Munsterlander dog from San Francisco. , an Academic Technology Services animator and programmer, assisted the project by creating an animation that shows the steps in canine jaw reconstruction.

As Burnett explains, “working with VetMed doctors and media experts from University Communications, we storyboarded a series of steps from a video of the surgical procedure. John Doval (Senior Artist, VetMed media lab) and I created a number of 3D models, which I then used to create the animation via Autodesk Maya. ZBrush and Cinema 4D were also used in the model making. The final movie was composited using After Effects and made available for the video completed by University Communications, available at UC Davis News.”

The animation will also be used for a course on BioMedical Engineering later this year.

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