Video: February DOLCE (Clickers, Adaptive Online Modules, & Accessibility Tools)

We had an excellent DOLCE last Friday! Human Ecology professors Lisa Rapalyea & Nicole Polen-Petit gave a fascinating talk on their use of Clickers & Adaptive Online Modules in their large-lecture undergraduate classes. The online modules supplement the students’ textbook reading, making sure they’ve fully mastered the content before coming to class, where the clickers increase engagement. Rapalyea & Polen-Petit found that these technologies have had a positive influence on students’ grades in their courses.

Joshua Hori, of the student disability center, also gave a great presentation on tools to increase the accessibility of your course materials. More specifically, he demonstrated tools that test a website for accessibility and tools for file conversion. You can look through Hori’s presentation slides for more specifics, or watch the below video recording of the meeting.

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