February 5th DOLCE with Andy Albrecht, the Chair of Physics at UC Davis

Andy Albrecht

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On Friday, February 5th at noon, our distinguished colleague, Andy Albrecht, will join us as our featured guest and speaker at DOLCE, Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education.

The Chair of the Department of Physics at UC Davis, Albrecht is well known in his field for his research into cosmology and dark energy. Tomorrow he will discuss his early forays into online instruction, and then help us engage in a freewheeling discussion, prompted by my questions, on teaching, and teaching with technology. Andy also has stories to tell about the teaching accomplishments and challenges of his colleagues in Physics. Andy and I started chatting about such topics outside Mrak Hall after a December committee meeting, and I have remained eager to share Andy’s thoughts with a wider audience. You will find the conversation worth your time.

We will also hear an update on our move towards Canvas as our new LMS (see http://movetocanvas.ucdavis.edu), and on the March 8th Audiovisual Showcase (see http://www.avshowcase.com).

Please join us!

Andy Jones



The February DOLCE

Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education

February 5th, 2016

12 Noon

1310 Surge III (AKA 1310 The Grove)

Two buildings west of the Silo


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