Staff Interview: Steve Faith

Instructional Technology Coordinator Steve Faith

I have been working at UC Davis since 1984, and am currently an Instructional Technology Coordinator. I suppose that my role might best be described as “guidance counselor.”

I am aware of many tools and techniques that fall within the realm of educational technology, and am well versed in how these can and have been used here at Davis as well as how they are being applied elsewhere. Instructors visit me and tell me their story, their needs, and their goals. After that, we collaboratively determine a plan, what tools to use, and some training on their use if necessary. I think the most effective interaction is one-to-one, either in my office or the faculty member’s office.

I should also note that when people in the campus community come to me for assistance, they not only get me – they also get the help and backing of everyone at ATS. It is my honor to work with so many talented and dedicated people.

How do you personally use educational technology?

I pretty much use all the tools that I recommend to faculty. I’m a huge fan of Google, and use many of their products for my professional and personal pursuits. I use SmartSite to collaborate with groups and committees. I also have my favorite (and sometimes obscure) tools that I use almost daily, such as OmniOutliner (for outlining and thought organization), OmniGraffle (for creating logic flowcharts), ScreenSteps (for rapidly creating documentation), Preview (for working with images and PDFs), and Kompozer (for writing HTML).

What project are you working on now?

I am investigating the role and feasibility of lecture capture in teaching and learning.  It is fascinating to explore the possibilities of a technology that was not remotely possible during the time I was a college student! In many ways, lecture capture is representative of a constantly shifting paradigm that seems to be accelerating. I hope to share some of my findings at an upcoming FUSS meeting.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our faculty readers?

I come from a family of educators. I believe in the fundamental right of every individual to a quality and inexpensive higher education. I feel that many of the things I do in my day-to-day work are inspired by my desire to improve education in California. We too often lose sight of that fact that we are producing the future of our community, our state, our nation, and the world right here at UC Davis.

Enough about work – what do you do for fun?

My pastime is restoring and refurbishing a classic and iconic piece of Americana: pinball machines. I have 13 pinball machines in my garage, three of which are projects. I enjoy participating in a vibrant Sacramento-area pinball community and I co-manage Pin-A-Go-Go (, which is the oldest pinball show west of the Mississippi. Drop me an email and come visit my garage to play and learn more about pinball!

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1 thought on “Staff Interview: Steve Faith

    Paul Schneeman

    (October 12, 2015 - 8:39 am)

    Hi Steve! Sue Hjerpe, my wife and I were doing a quick update at the Davis Farmers’ Market and your name popped up. I had been poking around the old haunts of IT and only Morna surfaced, and was of course off to a meeting. If this get through to you (Sue forwarded it) please say hello. Barbara and I were on a flash trip to UCD and were delighted at many of the positive changes that have taken place. Paul

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