3D Animation Contributes to Dermatology Publication

, animator and programmer for UC Davis’ Academic Technology Services, specializes in developing 3D animations for academic and research communities. As he explains, “the application of 3D simulated environments introduces new possibilities for creating learning materials, especially in combination with interactive programming.”

Recently, Burnett worked on such a project with Dr. Kenny Omlin (UC Davis Department of Dermatology).

“The project began with an animation of an innovative suture technique developed by Dr. Omlin to repair defects left by Mohs Micrographic Surgery for skin cancer,” Burnett explains. After spending an afternoon observing Omlin’s technique and collaborating with Omlin to tweak the animation, Burnett created a 3D animation, which you can download and view.

The project now includes an article (pending review) in Dermatologic Surgery. Burnett and Dr. Joel Hass (UC Davis Math Department) will be listed as co-authors. Several figures were created from the animation and will be included in the article.

If you or anyone in your department is interested in taking advantage of ATS’ Modeling and Animation services, or learning more about how animations can enhance your research projects, email ats@ucdavis.edu.

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