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March 3 DOLCE: Improvisational Teaching and Sequenced Learning Activities — Join us Friday at noon in 1310 Surge III / The Grove

“Take a chance on making mistakes to create something you haven’t created before.” Dave Brubeck


Dear Colleagues,

I hope you can join us at noon on Friday, March 3rd, for the March meeting of DOLCE, Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education. We will feature a talk on using improvisation as a teaching method in order to encourage active learning, and another on exploring the benefits of sequencing learning activities. Both talks will include discussion of UC Davis Canvas as a teaching tool.

The first speaker, Dr. Andy Jones of the University Writing Program, will discuss syllabus and classroom strategies to balance what historian James W. Loewen calls the “tyranny of coverage” with an active learning approach that we know works best with adult learners. Dr. Andy will share his recent research into the “Teaching as Jazz” approach championed by Cornell music professor Steve Pond, and exemplify some of the improvisational methods that he has been trying in his Winter quarter “Writing in the Fine Arts” class.

Secondly, instructional designers Mark Wilson and Margaret Merrill will discuss the value of guiding learners through a strategic sequence of learning activities. Wilson and Merrill will explain what the various stages in that sequence might look like, how each stage can benefit your students, and how that sequence might best be communicated to students.

So we will sample both creative chaos and necessary order in the same DOLCE. Please join us for the conversation.

Andy Jones



DOLCE — Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education

Friday, March 3rd at Noon

1310 Surge III / The Grove

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