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Agenda for SITT 2017

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

The September 15th date for the 2017 Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology (SITT) is fast approaching, and we have room for more faculty participants! Running all day on the last Friday of Summer Session II, SITT this year will focus on Canvas, our new learning management system to which all faculty will have moved by this fall, and feature micro-presentations by faculty colleagues on a variety of teaching topics. Our keynote speaker is Dr. Janine Wilson, a member of the faculty from the Department of Economics, who will speak on the transformation of a face-to-face class into a hybrid class, and then the brave move from hybridity to a fully online class. Find out more about Dr. Wilson and her class in this recent article in The Wheel, the instructional technology blog of UC Davis.

SITT participants can come to 6 Olson for the first half of the day, which will feature talks by colleagues and time for discussion, or the second half of the day, which will feature hands-on workshops in computer classrooms. Those who join us for the entire day, 8:30-5:00, will also enjoy a catered lunch of falafel or shawarma from the Davis restaurant Chickpeas. Registration is free to all faculty, though you are encouraged to visit this link now so that we can ensure you room (and lunch). Registration for SITT 2017 will close on September 11th so we can submit our food order.

Please find the working SITT Agenda for 2017 here. We look forward to seeing you on September 15th in 6 Olson.

Best regards,

Dr. Andy Jones
Host, SITT 2017

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