Keith Sollers at DOLCE February 1st

Audio and Video for February 1st DOLCE on Lecture Capture, Growth Mindsets, and Duo

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

The audio and video from the February 1st DOLCE are now available!

At the February 1st DOLCE, Bert Craig, interim manager of Media Services at Academic Technology Services, presented his talk “Lecture Capture: Thoughtful integration to promote student learning.” This presentation covered the current state of lecture capture at UC Davis, intended uses of lecture capture, unintended consequences of lecture capture, and ways to mitigate these consequences, as well as the future of lecture capture.

For more information on lecture capture, feel free to check out the resources below:

Then Keith Sollers, graduate student researcher for Academic Technology Services, presented his talk “Using Technology to Encourage Learning with a Growth Mindset.” This talk explored how feedback can support or hinder a growth mindset in the classroom. For more information on how to support a growth mindset with Canvas, check out “5 Ways to Weave Growth Mindset into Your Courses” by Laura Gibbs.

Finally, David Levin, Director of Academic Technology Services, concluded DOLCE by answering faculty questions about DUO. Here’s a summary of some of the questions presented:

  • What is Duo?.
    • Duo is a dual factor authentication tool to protect faculty, staff, and students’ personal information.
  • Will it be required for me to check my email?
    • Duo won’t be required for email yet, but eventually it will be.
  • If I’m traveling, will I be able to access email?
    • You should be able to get to your resources from everywhere, including email. Consider carrying a Duo-enabling token with you when traveling (available in the bookstore) or to register two devices.


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