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May 20 Faculty Forum on the Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology (9/8-9/9)

Lowering the bar to participating in SITT

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

On Friday, May 20th at noon (via Zoom), Academic Technology Services will be hosting our final Faculty Forum of the school year, and we hope you will join us.

As you may have heard, the 2022 Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology (SITT) takes place on September 8 and 9, and will feature presentations, interviews, and conversations with UC Davis faculty with stories to tell about past and current innovations in teaching and teaching with technology. A number of faculty have already submitted their 100-word proposals (submit yours by May 24th), while many others are eager for feedback for their presentation ideas in progress. Other faculty presenters from past SITTs will talk about the process of applying, the eventual deliverables that they delivered, and the increased teaching confidence and sense of cross-disciplinary camaraderie they felt after participating in SITT.

Whether or not you plan to present at (or even attend) SITT 2022, we invite you to participate in or to overhear this conversation, gain wisdom from the faculty presenters and instructional designers in the room, and benefit from the encouragement provided by people who would love to see you, too, attend the Summer Institute this year. We hope that our theme of “Unmuting Our Students” will inspire you to share your own thoughts on teaching classes that are student-centered, activity-driven, and full of helpful feedback for your students. We host SITT for faculty such as yourself, so we would love to include you as a presenter.

This event will be recorded for your later enjoyment and edification. See you May 20th at noon!

Dr. Andy Jones

Academic Associate Director, Academic Technology Services
Host, The Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology
University of California, Davis

Faculty Forum: Presenting at the Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology
Friday, May 20th at Noon via Zoom
See you then

P.S. If you would like to help us promote SITT, consider downloading our Zoom promo background so you can proudly share your September plans with UC Davis colleagues in your Zoom meetings.

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