Instructional Design

Why Instructional Design?

Integrating technology thoughtfully into course design can be a challenging and time-consuming process; however, it also creates opportunities to examine and revise how you approach the online components of your course. Whether for individual items like quizzes or broader elements like the overall structure of a course, instructional design strategies can help you streamline, clarify, and enhance learning materials to increase student engagement and learning. In this section, you’ll find resources about instructional design strategies, sources of support for developing a course, and additional issues to consider as online and blended learning continue to grow at UC Davis.

Rethinking Approaches

Instructional designers often employ a strategy called Backward Design to solve instructional challenges. Using this method, designers first determine the desired outcomes of a course or activity, then identify methods to measure student achievement, and finally create the experiences and curate the resources students will use to master learning objectives.