Joe Anistranski at Oct 4th DOLCE

Fall 2019 AudioBlog Entry: Joe Anistranski on Tautologies and 21st Century Pedagogy

Dear Faculty Colleagues, 

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Joe Anistranski about teaching and technology for the Fall quarter 2019 AudioBlog entry

Joe Anistranski, assistant professor of teaching in human ecology, teaches a wide-range of mostly high-enrollment courses on human development across the lifespan. In this interview, he shares his experience integrating technologies into the classroom to bring active learning and collaboration into his 250-student classes. 

Our discussion covered a wide-range of topics:

  • 21st century pedagogy and dynamic course content
  • The value of active learning and collaboration 
  • Increased device ownership among students and consequences for teaching
  • Dangers of a “coverage” pedagogy and Sir Ken Robinson
  • Using Canvas to support the intersection between face-to-face teaching and online learning environments
  • His October 4th DOLCE presentation on tautologies
  • The importance of sharing our relevant personal experiences with students

I hope you enjoy our discussion! 


Andy Jones

Academic Associate Director, Academic Technology Services

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